Maximize Your Benefits!

Taking advantage of just one benefit will not only cover the costs of your dues, but will provide you with lasting value!

  • Average annual Speedway Superfleet savings: $625.00 per truck
  • Average cost for one call to Faegre Baker Daniels: $439.00
Free legal advice

Free Legal Advice

Save $500 an hour with our Dial-A-Lawyer program with Faegre Baker Daniels that allows you to call and ask about any type of legal question at no charge to you.

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Super Savings

Super Savings

Save hundreds of dollars annually just by using our Speedway Superfleet Gas Program that offers $0.10 off (first three months – $0.05 each month after) every gallon of gasoline purchased from Speedway gas stations across Indiana.

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Membership in service roundtable

Membership In Service Roundtable

Become part of a revolutionary organization where you’ll receive practical tools and tips to generate leads, close more sales, market your company and improve your bottom line.
Education and training

Education and Training

Plan for tomorrow and be prepared for today by participating in the continuing education opportunities and training programs that are available and aimed at helping you have access to top quality technical expertise in the heating and cooling industry.


Expand your networking connections with other decision-makers through monthly meetings, quarterly Board meetings, Service Roundtables and various special events, including our annual golf outing.
Government advocacy

Government Advocacy

Take advantage of our commitment to advocacy on behalf of all HVAC contractors in Indiana, helping to shape the future of your industry. We have representation on the Marion County licensing board and are actively working to target unlicensed contractors.
HVAC workforce development

HVAC Workforce Development

Raise awareness of the heating and cooling industry and enhance the current workforce while attracting new employees to take advantage of a practical, profitable career.

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Marketing presence

Marketing Presence

Take advantage of promotion and visibility through our website, social media channels, printed handouts and more.