“New year, new you,” seems to be the catchphrase at the beginning of each year. If saving money is one of your new year’s resolutions here are some practices you can adopt to keep your home comfortable and energy efficient while keeping money in your pocket.

Programmable Thermostat

If you don’t have a smart or programmable thermostat in your home, this is the year to invest in one. A programmable thermostat allows you to cut down on your energy costs by running the heater and air conditioner more efficiently. This thermostat gives you’re the option of programming your preferred temperature while you are home, and then switch to a more energy-efficient setting while you are away.

Schedule HVAC maintenance visit

Most homeowners do not give their HVAC a second thought until something breaks. Make it a yearly routine of scheduling a furnace and AC maintenance visit with one of our certified HVAC companies. Just like an annual check-up with the doctor is healthy for you, an annual tune-up is healthy for your HVAC.

During the maintenance visit, your HVAC technician will clean and lubricate your system’s parts while checking for any needed repairs. This allows you to be proactive and not wait until more costly repairs are needed.

Clean outdoor HVAC unit

Just like cleaning out the gutters is typical spring cleaning item to check of the to-do list, so is cleaning around your HVAC unit. Leaves, branches and other debris around your HVAC can cause obstruction. To be safe, keep bushes, shrubs, branches, grass and other foliage at least two feet away from your unit. This not only helps ensure that your landscaping does not interfere with the daily operations of your HVAC unit, but it will provide space for your technician to work on your HVAC if necessary.

In order to help you keep to your new year’s resolution of saving money while keeping your HVAC healthy contact one of our certified HVAC companies in your area. Contact us by phone at 317-674-3287 or email at info@hvacindiana.org.