We're a leading membership united by a common goal—to promote and preserve the licensed heating and cooling industry across the state of Indiana.







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If you suspect an Unlicensed Contractor, please call the Mayor’s Action Center at 317-327-4MAC(4622)


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The Indiana HVAC Association is the not-for-profit state association for the heating and cooling industry across the state of Indiana. Association members are committed to providing the top quality technical expertise, customer service, and business operations in Indiana HVAC.  Whether you’re a homeowner looking for someone to repair your furnace, or a large business searching for a contractor for your new building, the Indiana HVAC Association will have a provider for your needs.

Workforce Development

When it comes to a career in the HVAC industry, the opportunities are endless. The Indiana HVAC Association is proud to provide educational, training and career opportunities for the next generation of HVAC professionals to build their skills in a high-demand industry.

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Why Look for the HVAC Seal?

Contractors that are part of the Indiana HVAC Association are committed to serving Indianapolis and its surrounding areas with the highest level of professionalism. The HVAC Seal represents an organization of contractors who uphold high ethical standards, strive for excellence on all projects and remain in compliance with all federal, state and local governments regarding the HVAC industry.

Corporate Partners

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